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Overall, FLV Converter Free is one of most effective ways to convert FLV files without wasting too much time with configuration tools. Plus, it’s safely addressed to beginners as well thanks to the built-in conversion profiles.
PCWorld – Editor’s Review

The program uses from moderate to high system resources, contains a step-by-step tutorial and quickly finishes a video converter task without freezing, crashing or displaying errors. It manages to keep a very good image and sound quality.
Softonic – Editor’s Choice
After we fed more than 100 formats to FLV Converter Free, we considered it a solid solution that does a lot with video and audio media.
Tucows – 5 Cows
FLV Converter Free works blazing fast and comes with support for multi-core processors, boasting even dedicated tools to disable certain cores of the processor to reduce its impact on hardware resources.
Snap Files – Very Good
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